Friday, June 29, 2012

Dr. Appt Update

To say I was nervous all morning was kind of an understatement. I actually felt sick to my stomach with nerves leading up to this appointment. It had been almost 3 weeks since we had seen peanut and I tend to be a worrier sometimes (shocking right?). I did giggle though because Matt hates going to the Dr.'s office with me because he feels so out of place. I think his face was red for most of the appointment. However, all worries were put aside when I saw peanut in the screen. You could see legs and arms and we measured at 12w3d. According the u/s that put the due date at 1-7-13. I keep joking about a new years baby because I hear they get a lot of free stuff lol not that it really matters in the end. The nurse didn't say much except peanut wasn't very active and she was like oh maybe they are a night time baby and I was like oh dear there goes my sleep! Then it was off to have some more blood drawn for the first trimester screening.

The nurse took my blood pressure (which was still good and for being harvest is very good!), weight which was the same and then she tells me that the Dr. was going to do a full exam. Matt's eyes went as wide as saucers. I didn't even know that this was happening but in my eyes, get it over with for the year. After everything, the Dr. informed us that everything with peanut looked great. We are right on track with everything. Talk about a huge sigh of relief! I go back in 4 weeks but they said that I won't have an u/s at that one =( but the next one I will.

Now that harvest is winding down, I probably will have to work Saturday and that will be it for extended hours I can get back to working on the spare room so once that is finished we can move onto the nursery.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

I've Been Such a Slacker

I've slacked on ICLW, I've slacked on following and reading (although I somewhat caught up today), my house is still a disaster and my desk is a complete mess. Welcome to my life during harvest. Mind you this is only wheat and probably one of the smallest wheat crops in our area due to poor weather conditions last fall. However, couple that with being completely wiped out things are just taking a back burner. I had to work all weekend and the weekends are usually when I catch up on cleaning but instead I was parked at my desk talking to customers and getting stuff done around the office. The nice part though was I was allowed to bring Zoe with me so she didn't have to be in her kennel all weekend. She LOVES coming to work with me because the guys all love her and she eats way more human food than she ever gets at home. Monday I was dragging I mean could hardly keep my eyes open. I also get so busy I forget to eat which then makes me feel sick to my stomach which isn't a good thing either.

Nothing else exciting, Dr.'s appointment on Thursday, hoping we get an u/s and actually get to meet with the Dr! It is supposed to be miserably hot this week too, like upper 90's which means I won't do a darn thing when I get home but lay in the AC.

On the pontoon boat front, apparently Matt doesn't take no for an answer and has been looking for used ones and found one about an hour away. Yea still not happy but I did tell him that should he be super serious about getting a boat, the snowmobile has got to go. I guess we will wait and see.

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MMM Motorboating

Just a song that has my husband convinced we need a pontoon boat. I also find it catchy and very summery. We do not, however, need a pontoon boat at this point much to Matt's disappointment.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Dr. Appt Update and Fathers Day

Friday at the Dr.'s was nothing exciting. In fact we didn't even see the Dr. just a nurse who went over a bunch of paperwork. She figured me to be at 10w2d on Friday. Woah that just seems a tad crazy too me! Either way I will take it. I also had 7 vials of blood drawn and I HATE needles. Matt was laughing at me, well he said he was laughing with me. I was like hon I was definitely not laughing. They scheduled me for my first u/s with them on the 28th. That would put me at the end of my first trimester. Holy crazy!!

This weekend was packed with things to do but believe me I found time for a nap or 2. Friday night Matt and I went out to dinner, nothing fancy just a local pizza place but it hit the spot. Saturday Matt started combining wheat, which is about 2 weeks earlier than normal but it has been so dry around here that a lot of wheat will come off early. This also means that I might get a fourth of July which never usually happens working at a grain elevator. Saturday night we had 2 graduation parties, one for my cousin and one for my brother's fiance's brother (more on the fiancee part in a minute). We had decided that we would tell the rest of the family at the graduation party but most already knew and they were happy and excited for us. At the next party it was fun to tell a lot of close friends and to see their excitement. It was also easier to somewhat mention that we had struggled and actually had to see a RE. I was still a tad hesitant to tell people but at the same time I was super excited to tell people. Sunday we had breakfast with Matt's parents and dinner with mine. Along the way I somehow have lost my motivation to do anything. Usually my house would drive me insane as messy as it is but this weekend taking a nap sounded much more appealing.

So besides our baby coming, my brother got engaged to his longtime girlfriend. They are planning a June 21st, 2014 wedding. The main reason it is 2 years out is the reception hall they want, which is one of the biggest ones around, has a long waiting list. However, this will allow them to get all the vendors they want too. I couldn't be happier for them although they have a lot to learn but what newly wed doesn't.

It is supposed to be super hot these next few days which means my house will be unbearable and I will have even less motivation to clean. Oh well, there is always another day right?

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

A Weekend Recap On a Wednesday

This past week and through the weekend were a whirlwind. We had the Ohio Angus Preview Show at our fairgrounds and our association hosted it. It started Friday with a dinner at fellow members, Saturday was the Jr. Show and Sunday was the Open Show. We also put on a dinner Saturday night that my parents were in charge of. Needless to say I was dragging on Monday at work.
A picture from the Jr Show. Ignore the major glare and crappiness. Although this made me super excited to have a LO and that they will be able to show!

This is K's R Kinicky CC7 I call him Kinick usually. He is such a baby and is so laid back.

I have been trying to stay busy so I don't count down the days till Friday and my next appointment but I swear this week is dragging on! I was even out of the office yesterday for farm visits. Which basically my boss and I went driving around and stopped at some customers homes or farms and chatted with them. We are talking about going out again this afternoon just because it has been so slow. Another great perk about my job!

I'm working on catching up on everyone, promise!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Wait What?

First off thanks ladies for all your kind words the last couple of days. I'm so glad I found this community for the support, understanding and friendship it has given me. Now onto the dirty details =)

All day yesterday I was a nervous hot mess. Could hardly concentrate, could hardly eat anything and constantly staring at the clock. Finally, it was time to leave work and go pick Matt up. In typical farmer fashion he wasn't dressed or ready to leave yet, and he always says I'm the slow one. After a quick fill up we finally were headed to Columbus. Well there was one stop so I could go to the bathroom which I swear happens a lot more often these days. We got to Dr. S's around 4:35 so plenty of time to spare. Well they called us back and I am sitting on the table half undressed, we ended up waiting for over a half hour. Apparently, he was in a meeting that ran over. I was kind of shocked because I have never hardly had to wait much over 10 minutes ever there.

So finally Dr. S comes in and we get going. First off, there is only 1 little peanut in there. We did get some good pictures which I forgot at home. The heartbeat was nice and strong at 159. Not to get all sappy but I did get a tear in my eye when I heard the heartbeat. Maybe because I had always wondered what everyone else talked about when they heard the heartbeat. Let me tell you, hearing that made every poke, every prod, every dollar worth it. Now the interesting part. I figured I was around 7 weeks or so but when Dr. S measured it came up to 8w6d. I kind of was in a daze so I figured maybe I read it wrong so I asked Matt and he said no it said 8w6d. Wait what? So confused but it really doesn't matter in the long run.  Finally though it really is real. Not to say that I didn't think I was pregnant before because I knew I was but there was just something about seeing the peanut (that's what we have decided to call him/her) and hearing the heartbeat that gave me a sense of calmness.  Probably one of the most exciting things was signing the release form and being told to make an appointment with my regular ob/gyn. Which I called today and made my appointment for June 15th. Hopefully then I will get a handle on how far along I am and when I am due.

After all the excitement we went and did a little shopping! There is a good sized Destination Maternity store at the one shopping area so we went there. I wish I could have taken a picture of Matt in the store. While I was trying on some pants he somehow wondered into the nursing section. His face was PRICELESS! I did end up getting 2 pairs of pants and since I have been so bloated my other jeans have become so uncomfortable these pants are like heaven. Plus I got a ton of free stuff! We went to Old Navy and then grabbed some dinner and headed home. It was a fantastic day and I am super excited to see what happens on the 15th!