Thursday, June 27, 2013

Another Spin Around the Sun

This is a submission for PAIL Bloggers June Theme which focuses on looking back.

June 2012. What a whirlwind of a month. Matt and I were pregnant, we saw the test, had the betas and at the beginning of June saw our little peanut and heard the heartbeat. I remember lying on the table with tears in my eyes and Matt squeezing my hand as we looked at the screen. It was such an amazing sight and sound. After that appointment we said goodbye to Dr. S because we were moving on, back to my regular OB. It was sad to say goodbye because even though we had only spent 2 cycles with him he was the reason we were seeing and hearing that heartbeat. I was going to miss the nurses and their excitement for us. Don't get me wrong, I like my OB but to them I was just another pregnant lady, well until they saw my chart.

My favorite part of June was scheduling the appointment with my photographer to do a fun shoot announcing our pregnancy. L our photographer was so excited for us and loved the ideas I had.
My favorite picture and the way we told friends, family and of course facebook!
Looking back, I didn't know if we would be where we are today, with a little girl who is almost 6 months old. Who has started to have her own personality, is trying to crawl and growing up way to fast. When we started this journey in January of 2011 I had no idea that the things I know now existed. I knew people who had trouble conceiving but didn't know more than that. I didn't know about trigger shots, femera, HSG's, or heck what an RE could even do. The journey wasn't what I wanted but I think in a weird way it was what Matt and I needed to strengthen our marriage. I know so much more about myself and my body that I wouldn't take back.

While there are moments that I still look back at our journey, wondering how I made it through without falling apart, I prefer to look forward. I look forward to watching Reagan continue to grow and come into her own and what Matt and I's next venture is (actually more on that after tonight hopefully!!!).

Monday, June 17, 2013

Happy Happy Happy!

Seriously over joyed with some wonderful news that started Friday and has carried into today. A dear sweet friend (who my mom had in school, our moms are friends and her mom was the major mastermind behind so many of the decorations and such at my wedding) got her BFP on Friday. I know I've mentioned before that Laura is the reason that I blog. Her blog opened up the whole world of infertility to me. I thought I was alone in my struggle but her openness about her heartaches and hope allowed me to connect with her and so many other amazing ladies I have met along this journey. When I saw the picture, I was sitting at my desk trying to think of how to not let the tears spill down my face just in case a farmer should walk in and want to talk about the markets. Like I wouldn't have been able to focus on the markets anyways!!!

When I saw Laura's mom on Saturday she started tearing up just talking about it which made me tear up since I am such a sap these days! I am so overjoyed with this news. I cannot wait for your u/s on the 3rd. I can't wait to follow this pregnancy like you did with me always being there with sweet words when I needed to hear them.

Congrats dear friend!

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

24 Day Challenge-Checking In

So here I am, day 12 of the 24 day challenge, halfway there. The best part is being done with the cleanse and the nasty fiber drink. I would seriously chug this drink in the morning then chug 1-2 glasses of water after. I will admit that I wasn't perfect on the cleanse. The way I see it, life happens and circumstances are out of your control sometimes. Even on the days I didn't do the best I still only strayed maybe 15-20%. Plus, I felt like crap after eating crap which just proved a point that I don't need that stuff. I will say the hardest part was making sure I was eating enough. I was so full at times that I know I wasn't getting enough calories. Finally though, I think I have it figured out.

Some random things I have learned:

-I tried Almond Milk for the first time. It's okay. I still prefer a glass of dairy milk but I do have to watch how much I drink because it can give Reagan gas and that child does not need any help in that area =)

- My sleep has been so much more refreshing. I've even been going to bed later and still waking up at the same time and I'm not sleepy.

-PB2 is amazing, seriously

-I have a peanut butter addiction

-Washing your fruit is an absolute must! No more waxy grapes and strawberries going bad after a few days.

-Apples and peanut butter are amazing together

-Did I mention I love peanut butter?

-Quinoa is good, I made a burrito bowl to rival Chipotle with it and it was darn good.

I made a promise to avoid the scale and measurements until the challenge was over. I will say that some pants fit better as well as some shirts. Most importantly though, I feel better

Monday, June 3, 2013

24 Day Challenge

Here we go with my first ever 24 day challenge with Advocare. I started the challenge on Saturday that way it was the start of a month and my OCDness would be happy. My plan is slightly modified since I am still nursing. D (the friend from HS who is helping me out) made an awesome spread sheet for me so it is basically idiot proof which is exactly what this busy mama needs.

Also at her suggestion I took some before pictures. This is the one time I wish there was a full length mirror in my house but it is okay. I tried looking for a full length picture of myself and to no surprise at all I didn't find one.

I've said it before, I've struggled with my weight my entire life. I wish there was a magic pill to make it go away but there isn't. This challenge isn't going to be a cake walk. I'm sure there are going to be days when I want a diet coke, or that candy bar from the machine but it just ain't gonna happen.It is going to be a slow process, I didn't put the weight on in a day and I can't expect it to come off in a day.

What I'm really hoping to get out of this 24 day challenge is the motivation to keep going. I'm hoping I see some results and it helps pull me through the next hurdle.
The goods

I actually thought I should have done a duck face

Yup still look pregnant here

And I couldn't help but add a picture of this smiling through her hands cutie!