Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OSU GAME & 28 Week Appointment

 First off let me just say it was a good thing the Dr. wasn't going to check my blood pressure after that Ohio State game! Good grief talk about a game lasting to the very last seconds!! If you don't know, the Buckeyes won in OT 29-22 making us 8-0! It was a lot and I mean a lot of walking for this girl but it was good for me and worth it!
The title says it all. The guys pushing this around got a heck of a workout!


Once upon a time I wanted to be him...then I realized I would never be that flexible

The only way my child is allowed to be a band geek (sorry former band geeks but I was one too!)

Script Ohio upside down- good thing our state is a small word!

Matt and I, not a good belly shot because I had lots of layers on
Monday was my 28 week appointment but it was almost a week behind because Tuesday I was 29 weeks. Holy cow technically only 11 more weeks!!! EEEEKKKKKK but hey it will be alright. I did make a list that Matt laughed at but it did make me feel better. Plus I've already crossed some items off it.I haven't gotten my glucose test results yet so keeping my fingers crossed I passed. Blood pressure was 134/68 and weight was the same.

I went to a baby shower of a high school friends on Sunday. Her and her husband had been trying for 5+ years and are going to welcome their miracle in a few short weeks and I couldn't be more excited for them. The food was amazing and her MIL is very talented because there were so many crocheted and knitted items around for this baby. He or she will certainly be loved. Funny thing too is that her husband went to school with Matt and wayyyy back in HS he was part of the crowd that brought Matt around before we started dating.

We go back to the Dr. on November 6th and we have our 3d ultrasound plus I start going every 2 weeks!!

Monday, October 15, 2012

Here's My Number So Call Me Crazy

1. I am not a Carly Rae Jepsen fan however I cannot seem to get from the song

Ok onto the real post and why you should call me crazy because that is where I feel like I am headed; Crazyville. Harvest is full go and this year working longer hours and 7+ days in a row is killing me.  I understand it is taking its toll because I have Peanut growing inside of me but I was not expecting to be this exhausted. I did have this weekend off because my boss stayed and worked which was nice.  I was able to get some cleaning done and laundry put away. Matt does a great job helping around the house such as doing the laundry so all I have to do is put it away, doing dishes, emptying and loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash. Those are all huge things that make the daily cleaning not pile up. I felt like a got a good cleaning done in the bathroom, kitchen and hallways. My goal before Peanut gets here is to either shampoo the rugs myself or just hire it out. I keep going back and forth because of the money and all the work moving furniture and such. I know I am probably wayyyy over thinking this which is the main reason I need a one way ticket to crazyville. 

Another reason, almost having a breakdown in Babies R Us because I was so overwhelmed. Now I have done research upon research about what is good to put on a registry, what can wait what you won't ever use etc etc. Well, when I got there everything I had read, prepared went right out the window. The 2 aisles of car seats alone was daunting. Not to mention the rows of bottles, strollers, swings I could go on and on. Don't get me wrong I was super excited to start my registry and I thought I was prepared but once again I was overthinking it. It probably didn't help that I was there by myself because Matt has been working very hard at getting the building up so we can move onto other things such as finishing the kitchen, setting up the spare room, putting a ceiling fan/light in the nursery and just getting everything in tip top shape.

So basically I just feel overwhelmed about getting everything done and done to the way I want it. Bird talked about this in her post too and I should just make a list because no matter how big it is crossing things off should in theory make me feel better. Right?

On another note and in my opinion a super exciting one. This is where Matt and I will be on Saturday! I will of course have pictures from this. It is Matt's first OSU game and I am so excited!!!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My life in pictures

The big exciting (that is a big fat lie because lately my life is very boring but boring in a good way) life that I lead in picture format.

After a long Saturday at work Matt built a fire and this was the sunset so peaceful and pretty

After the sunset came the harvest moon
So many sweets at work these days. I also think I deserve a medal for driving to work with these sitting beside me and not eating a single one!

Up she goes, when trucks can't dump themselves we have to lift them up. Most elevators don't do this anymore because of the liability (can't imagine) but we still do.
That is pretty much it. Nothing exciting and new. Peanut has been very active lately which is just fine with me =). The painters are coming this weekend to do the first room so I will show pictures as soon as it gets done. I have also been busy researching registry items. I think we are going to go with BabiesRus and Wal-Mart. There just aren't many stores around that have baby items and that it is easy for people to get to. If it rains like it is supposed to Matt and I are going to take a trip and get started.

I also saw this pin today on pin.terest and it made me think of so many of you ladies and all of us in the IF community.

Happy Tuesday!