Tuesday, September 25, 2012

25 Weeks

My Dr. appointment was rescheduled for yesterday. By the time I talked to someone I was just over it so being mad didn't seem worth it. They apologized like 3 times and the Dr. apologized as well, whatever I guess.

Yesterdays appointment was rather uneventful besides gaining 3lbs. That still puts me at a 9lb loss for this pregnancy. My blood pressure was up a little from where it was normally but they said just to keep an eye on it. Peanut's heartbeat was 144 so nice and strong. I go back in 3 weeks for the dreaded glucose test. I did get some other good news, my 2nd trimester screenings all came back good.

In other news, we (by we I mean me and Matt has agreed) that we are going with a yellow and grey nursery color scheme. Three walls will be yellow and one grey accent wall that I am leaning towards polka dots but then I also saw two big wall vinyls that I loved from pin.terest.So the polka dots may be out I haven't decided for sure yet. I do know that there will be a farm animal element. I do however, not want this so be super babyish that way she can grow with it.

I also realized that I never showed the cake that I had made. Gosh darn pregnancy brain!
It was very delicious!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Feel Like Throwing A Temper Tantrum

Like a full blown 2 year old not getting what they want in a packed store, feet stomping, screaming tantrum.

I was excited to go the Dr. today. Excited to hear Peanuts heartbeat, make sure everything is healthy and discuss this heartburn I keep having. When I get there I notice a sign on the door. Not thinking too much of it I walk up and read the sign. In big block letters it says that they are closed the 18th-20th for mandatory training. They made every attempt to call scheduled patients and that they were sorry for the inconvenience.

Really, really!! You have 3 phone #'s on file for me. You couldn't reach me?? I leave work (thankfully I don't have to use vacation or sick time to do it!), drive to the appointment and you aren't there. Now I will have to leave work again and drive again to town (because we all know how cheap gas is!). Ugh I am a frustrated irritated hormonal woman right now.

On a positive note, I paid off my last bill from our IF treatments. It made me feel a little better.

Our dinner last night was nice and relaxing. We did look at some baby clothes at Kohls. I think it overwhelmed Matt a bit. Guess he better get used to it!

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 Years

Today is Matt and I's 3rd anniversary. To me it seems so crazy that 3 years has gone by since that crazy exciting wonderful day in 2009. To say that we were naive and blissful about what the future would hold for us is a huge understatement but at the same time what newlywed isn't? We had a plan to hold off getting pregnant so I could finish my Masters, we could have time to just be married, time to fix up the house and time to grow up. Then when we were ready, in my head, it should have taken no more than a few months. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong or more naive.

I hope I'm not wrong in saying but I think that is how most of us felt. So now, when someone says that they are going to be able to plan their pregnancy around such and such time or event I cringe. I don't judge but in my head I think well you hope you can plan it, you hope that pregnancy comes easy for you. I hope you don't struggle, gosh do I hope my friends never have to struggle, they never need me to recommend an RE to them. I hope for the other newlyweds or whenever a couple decides its time I hope things work out as planned.

Ok enough seriousness! I do have our love story on the tab so you can read all the sappiness there. I am not expecting anything too exciting tonight just dinner and relaxing. I did get him 2 gift cards to Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop so he could buy things for the boat or hunting. He is a rather difficult one to shop for. I'm just excited for a mid-week date to just be with each other.

Other exciting news, I am 24w1d as of today! I go to the Dr. for a checkup tomorrow. EEEKKK I can't believe I am already at 24 weeks. At times it feels like it is crawling along and other times it feels like it is flying by!

And now some nostalgic wedding pictures.

I wasn't nice but he should have known better

Matt having some fun after a few too many beverages

My besties wouldn't know where I would be without either of them

Yup rode away in a tractor

My favorite picture of us

Thursday, September 13, 2012


In all my years of having dogs and outside farm dogs to boot I have never had ones that have had fleas. It has been a while (like since my internship in college) that I have seen live fleas crawling around. Well last night I saw them again, on Zoe. Talk about feeling like the dirtiest person ever! So at 9:30 last night we went to Wal.Mart to get flea bath stuff and a flea bomb for the house. We gave her the bath and Matt is bombing the house while I am at work. We are also going to switch up her and Chunky's flea protection from Frontline to Advatix (I think that is what the vet said) and hopefully in 7 days we bomb the house again and the little devils are gone. I don't think they are too bad in the house because neither Matt nor I have had any bites that we know of. They say you will know if they are biting you so fingers crossed they aren't that bad. I just felt so bad last night because I think she thought we were mad at her. She was giving us pathetic sad eyes. So tonight instead of going to the fair I will be sweeping, doing laundry and possibly shampooing the rugs.

On another note, the building is torn down, we have a painter lined up for the rooms and I might get another weekend off before harvest starts so yay progress!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

All Over the Place

I have so many things running through my head these days it really isn't funny. We are trying to tear down a building, my house is a disaster, I have felt terrible, I was annoyed with my in-laws this weekend and kind of still am, I am stressed about getting the nursery done, doing the baby registry and harvest will probably start between next week and the week after. GAH!!!! Let me just break it down and forgive me if I repeat things because frankly I have been doing that a lot.

The building was our neighbors, it was damaged in the storm in June. By damage I mean some siding but the structure is/was still sound. Because his insurance decided to total the building and since his insurance wasn't going to pay to take down the building he asked Matt and his dad if they wanted it. A 40x80 pole barn to store their equipment in, a place I can have my twin bed porch swing (saw it on Pin.terest knew I had to have it), a place to store the boat and less yard to mow. Sure, why not. Well, we weren't in a hurry to take it down until we find out the new building is coming in less than 2 weeks. So everything has been put on hold till we get that building torn down. Which means every other project is put on hold which leads to my next issue, the nursery and spare room.

Way back in July, if you remember I was all ambitious to paint the spare room so I could decorate that and then get started on the nursery. Well long story short it never happened and the room is still not finished and the nursery is still full of junk. Matt doesn't want me painting and quite frankly I don't know if I could paint even if I wanted too. He has promised me as of this morning that once the building is down he will start painting. I'm not holding my breath and will be ready to just hire it out and be done with it. I like to plan things out and this is just not going the way I feel that is should be. It is important to me to get this room done before we do the nursery because we will have a place to store most of the stuff that is in the nursery. Update as of last night-we are just going to hire it done.

This past weekend was fun, camping was fun until it rained Saturday night. However, what was not fun was dealing with a pissy MIL which made a pissy FIL. I also don't appreciate things being thrown back in my face and ungrateful people. That's enough of that matter it is over and done and Matt says he handled it. We did have the cake and it was very very yummy!

The registry makes me super nervous. I'm not sure where to go or what to do. Basically, my mom and I need to take a trip but finding time will be the hard part because harvest will be starting soon which means I will be working most weekends. I shouldn't stress but sometimes I find it hard not too.

Whew that is a lot of words that say basically nothing. So thanks for sticking with me as I ramble on and on.