Thursday, September 13, 2012


In all my years of having dogs and outside farm dogs to boot I have never had ones that have had fleas. It has been a while (like since my internship in college) that I have seen live fleas crawling around. Well last night I saw them again, on Zoe. Talk about feeling like the dirtiest person ever! So at 9:30 last night we went to Wal.Mart to get flea bath stuff and a flea bomb for the house. We gave her the bath and Matt is bombing the house while I am at work. We are also going to switch up her and Chunky's flea protection from Frontline to Advatix (I think that is what the vet said) and hopefully in 7 days we bomb the house again and the little devils are gone. I don't think they are too bad in the house because neither Matt nor I have had any bites that we know of. They say you will know if they are biting you so fingers crossed they aren't that bad. I just felt so bad last night because I think she thought we were mad at her. She was giving us pathetic sad eyes. So tonight instead of going to the fair I will be sweeping, doing laundry and possibly shampooing the rugs.

On another note, the building is torn down, we have a painter lined up for the rooms and I might get another weekend off before harvest starts so yay progress!


  1. Oh no! Fleas are the pits. We came home from vacation one year to find out our dog had picked them up and believe me, you will know when they are biting you! Did I just see on Pinterest that Borax kills fleas in carpet? Check it out, you can get Borax at the grocery store. Yay for having house stuff lined up (and a weekend off!). That's great!

  2. Yes. Laura's right - Borax kills them in carpets. Fleas are the worst! We use advantix and have never had a problem. Good luck! Boo to fleas...