Thursday, July 17, 2014

1.5 Years

1.5 years ago we welcomed a healthy 8lb 9oz 20 inch long perfect baby girl into this year. A year and a half ago. When you say it  like that I feel like she has been here forever. Trying to remember a time when she wasn't here is hard.

Bad mom moment happened for her doctor appointment. I was at work busy getting stuff finished for a meeting the next day. Get a text from the sitter, did you forget about Reagan's doctor appointment? Look at the clock 3:56. Her appointment was at 4. Thankfully they were still able to get her in. Our pediatrician's office just hired a CNP and that is who we saw this time. She was awesome. Love her!

She weighed in at 28.4lbs and was 33.5 inches long. Her head circumfrance was 18.5. She is healthy and no issues. We are so lucky and blessed!

Here are a few sneak peaks of her 18 month session. They are amazing and I am going to have such a hard time picking them!

 The rest can be viewed at the photographers site then click on view proofs.