Wednesday, February 27, 2013

First Day Back

Whew I can't believe it is Wednesday already. This first week back is flying by. We have gotten a good routine going in the morning with me getting up around 6 or so showering, makeup and dressed. By this time Matt is usually back from doing chores and he can get her dressed (with an outfit that I laid out because he has a hard time making a decision!) and then depending on how I am coming along either I pump and he feeds her or I sit down and nurse her. I try to leave about 7:20 to drop her off and am at work by 7:45. I get off work at 4:30 so by the time I pick Reagan up it is almost 5:00. She may or not need fed depending on her last feeding at the sitters. If she doesn't need fed I usually hang with her for a little bit then start supper/do a load of laundry/pick up or whatever Matt didn't get done. After supper depending on time we have tummy time and play time on the floor then its bath time, feeding and she is in bed usually around 8:30. Matt and I have been wiped so we usually go to bed around 9:30. Exciting life I know but I love being back in a routine!

Work is going good, it felt like I was starting a whole new job the first day but now we are back in the swing of things. There were some huge changes (boss/mentor leaving, golden boy coming over, getting passed over for promotion for said golden boy) plus changed that came after our audit but we have all kind of settled into a routine. Customers are happy to have me back and love seeing pictures of Reagan. I even came back to some more gifts. I have also missed some of my co-workers and their crazy hysterical stories. Like right now 3 of them are in my office and I am crying laughing so hard at their stories.

So yes I miss hanging out with my little girl all day but I am glad to be back to work. The part that makes it even easier is that I love her sitter (as I've said multiple times) and I know she is in good hands. Plus the way she snuggles into me just melts my heart like it is her way of showing me that she missed me too.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Maternity Leave=Donezo

Friday was my last day of maternity leave. Wait what! I had a total of about 7.5 weeks off of work to spend with Reagan and it has been amazing. I will say though that I am going stir crazy and have been driving Matt insane. The weather hasn't helped much. We try not to take her out too much in the cold or wind (obviously) and it seems like that either it has been super cold, super windy or snowy and crappy like every other day. I mean I can only go to Wal-Mart so many times before going crazy!

Thursday I went to Columbus to take a test to become a licensed broker.  You have to get a 70% to pass. However, there are 2 parts to the test and you have to get a 70% on each part. So I got a 70% overall but failed one of the sections with a 69%. Seriously 1 FREAKING POINT! I'm not sure if I will have to take both parts again or not I'm waiting for a call back. So of course I needed to drown my sorrows in some shopping. Old Navy is having a baby sale and I got some super cute clothes for Reagan. I could have done some serious damage but kept it to a minimum. Then I finally got to go to Babies R Us. I got some items for pumping, some new bottles and then I hit up the clothes. Gosh so many choices! I got her another dress for church and Matt asked me if I had enough dresses for church. I said well for now until I go and get her an Easter dress. Mom and I also need to dig out my baptismal gown to see if it will fit or if we need to get one for her.

So tomorrow is the big day but I love the sitter she goes too and Reagan seems to like it (as much as a 2 month old can I guess!) So wish me luck and I will let you know how it goes.

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 Month Appointment

Yesterday was a big day. We were gone almost all day so that meant a certain little girl went to bed without a fuss and slept till 2:30 ate and back to sleep in 20 minutes. She didn't get back up till 7:30ish. This mama is feeling very rested! I am also super pumped because my pre-pregnancy pants fit and fit good! They had fit for the last couple of weeks but I was still too tender above my incision to even think about wearing them.

We had Reagan's one month appointment which is like a week overdue but whose counting. She weighed 10lbs 10.5oz, her head measured 15cm and she is 23 inches long.  I did have a few concerns and the biggest one being her pooping. It has seriously slowed down the last couple of days, although her wet diapers haven't. The doctor assured me that it is normal and that she may go a couple days without pooping (to me that just sounds horrible!). She also has a little bit of dandruff which he said will clear up on its own. Exciting news though, no more sponge baths!

We then went and visited my mom at her school. We got there during her lunch and all the teachers made over her. Funny thing, 2 of moms good friends also became grandma's for the first time, one over the summer and one this past fall. Reagan just slept the entire time. They couldn't get over how good she was or just how much she looked like Matt.

After that exciting adventure I had my post partum appointment. The doctor was in surgery so I saw the midwife (who also happens to be my dad's cousin, weird right). Everything was good and I was down 20lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I also got a prescription for birth control (progesterone only since I'm breast feeding) and one for a breast pump. I had been renting one from the hospital but since my insurance covers a pump I decided to get my own. It won't be in till Friday but they will cover it at I believe 70%.

Finally, we finished the day at Wal-Mart. The worst part of not having a babies r us or any baby store for that matter close (the closest is about an hour away) I find myself spending a lot more money at Wal-Mart. Ugh I can't stand Wal-Mart and the more I go there the more I remember why I can't stand shopping there.

Now some more pictures!

Napping in her crib like a big girl!

Zoe giving some love during tummy time

We were not a fan of the 1 month pictures

Just like dad with my BVFC hat (work gave me the hat and a blanket)

Thursday, February 7, 2013

February Already

Gosh time is seriously flying. I cannot believe I only have the remaindrt of this week and 2 full weeks left on my leave. I have loved loved loved being home with her everyday but I do miss adult interaction. Call me crazy but I love my job and I miss it too! I am also ready to have somewhat of a routine. I will for sure have to get my butt out of bed earlier. I also have this crazy idea of joining the gym up town but I'm holding off on that till I get used to having a baby to get ready in the morning. Don't get me wrong Matt will be around to help too but I don't want to bite off more than I can chew.

Reagan is a month old already, well over a month old already. Crazy crazy crazy! She is getting into a routine at night which this mama loves. We do bath, snuggle, read a book, and go to bed hopefully by 9. She usually wakes up somewhere between 3:00 and 3:30 eats for 15-20 minutes and goes back to sleep. Usually I get up and pump the other side at this time. Now she does have her moments usually about every 3rd night where once she wakes up she thinks it is time to stay up and play.  It usually takes about 2 hours and she finally goes back to sleep.

We go back to the doctor on Monday for her one month and I go to my doctor for my post partum. I am interested to see how much the chunk weighs. I noticed Sunday at church when I was holding her just how heavy she has become. This also means that I have had to pack away her newborn clothes. Thankfully we didn't get many of just newborn most of them are 0-3 months so we still have time to wear them.