Tuesday, February 12, 2013

1 Month Appointment

Yesterday was a big day. We were gone almost all day so that meant a certain little girl went to bed without a fuss and slept till 2:30 ate and back to sleep in 20 minutes. She didn't get back up till 7:30ish. This mama is feeling very rested! I am also super pumped because my pre-pregnancy pants fit and fit good! They had fit for the last couple of weeks but I was still too tender above my incision to even think about wearing them.

We had Reagan's one month appointment which is like a week overdue but whose counting. She weighed 10lbs 10.5oz, her head measured 15cm and she is 23 inches long.  I did have a few concerns and the biggest one being her pooping. It has seriously slowed down the last couple of days, although her wet diapers haven't. The doctor assured me that it is normal and that she may go a couple days without pooping (to me that just sounds horrible!). She also has a little bit of dandruff which he said will clear up on its own. Exciting news though, no more sponge baths!

We then went and visited my mom at her school. We got there during her lunch and all the teachers made over her. Funny thing, 2 of moms good friends also became grandma's for the first time, one over the summer and one this past fall. Reagan just slept the entire time. They couldn't get over how good she was or just how much she looked like Matt.

After that exciting adventure I had my post partum appointment. The doctor was in surgery so I saw the midwife (who also happens to be my dad's cousin, weird right). Everything was good and I was down 20lbs from my pre-pregnancy weight. I also got a prescription for birth control (progesterone only since I'm breast feeding) and one for a breast pump. I had been renting one from the hospital but since my insurance covers a pump I decided to get my own. It won't be in till Friday but they will cover it at I believe 70%.

Finally, we finished the day at Wal-Mart. The worst part of not having a babies r us or any baby store for that matter close (the closest is about an hour away) I find myself spending a lot more money at Wal-Mart. Ugh I can't stand Wal-Mart and the more I go there the more I remember why I can't stand shopping there.

Now some more pictures!

Napping in her crib like a big girl!

Zoe giving some love during tummy time

We were not a fan of the 1 month pictures

Just like dad with my BVFC hat (work gave me the hat and a blanket)


  1. Love the pictures :) What a little cutie you have there! So wonderful that Reagan is growing and healthy! After all we've been through, can we really ask for more? :)

  2. Yay, pre pregnancy pants and yay for 1 month check ups! Ps-we hate Walmart too :)

  3. So glad her check up went great. She is growing so quickly. Btw I love the pic on couch, precious!!!

  4. Yay for the little one being healthy and 1 month old! I have the medela pump in style and I love it! I use it all the time as I am continously freezing milk for when I go back to work.

  5. Wow! Pre-pregnancy pants?! That's awesome! Also awesome- great growth reports! How fun to visit your mom at school. I bet that was really special for her to show Reagan off.

  6. Go mommy & her pre pregnancy pants!!! Impressive! Your daughter is gorgeous! But you already know that! :)

  7. What a doll! You are doing such a great job, mama! I hate a Wal-Mart too. Just a suggestion (which I'm sure you're getting plenty of these days): Have you considered Amazon Mom/Amazon prime? I believe you can do a free 3 month trial of Amazon Mom. For our family, 100% worth the annual membership fee.

  8. She is so beautiful! I haven't checked your blog in a while, been busy with my own little man, lol. Glad to see she is thriving. How are you feeling?