Tuesday, March 17, 2015

One Day at a Time

It's been almost a month since my miscarriage.

Life has returned to normal.

Well a new normal.

I don't think things will ever be "normal" or back the way it was. We just have evolved.

Physically I am back to normal. Mentally I have come a long way from where I was. I still have my moments when the air is sucked out of me when I see a pregnant woman or read an announcement. Especially as we get closer and closer to what would have been my due date.   Never though would I not be happy for a new life. So please if you know me and you see me take a moment before congratulating the new mom or snuggling the baby please don't think it is out of jealousy. It is a moment of mourning for me, for a lost child.

But each day I find myself doing better and better.

Thank you all for your prayers and checking in on me, you will never know just how much it meant to me.

I have been currently working on collecting pictures and pieces of art with sayings on them to make a gallery wall. We are going to be doing a huge renovation in our home and I will have a big blank wall that I cannot wait to fill up.

Ever since that night, the words Be Free have been in my head. It just kind of sums it up for me. Well, I wanted a way to incorporate that into my wall. I found this print and the shop owner was able to customize it for me. Most people when they look at it won't know the significance of the date but to me, this is a way to keep the memory alive. A way to be a part of our family wall.