Wednesday, September 19, 2012

3 Years

Today is Matt and I's 3rd anniversary. To me it seems so crazy that 3 years has gone by since that crazy exciting wonderful day in 2009. To say that we were naive and blissful about what the future would hold for us is a huge understatement but at the same time what newlywed isn't? We had a plan to hold off getting pregnant so I could finish my Masters, we could have time to just be married, time to fix up the house and time to grow up. Then when we were ready, in my head, it should have taken no more than a few months. Well, I couldn't have been more wrong or more naive.

I hope I'm not wrong in saying but I think that is how most of us felt. So now, when someone says that they are going to be able to plan their pregnancy around such and such time or event I cringe. I don't judge but in my head I think well you hope you can plan it, you hope that pregnancy comes easy for you. I hope you don't struggle, gosh do I hope my friends never have to struggle, they never need me to recommend an RE to them. I hope for the other newlyweds or whenever a couple decides its time I hope things work out as planned.

Ok enough seriousness! I do have our love story on the tab so you can read all the sappiness there. I am not expecting anything too exciting tonight just dinner and relaxing. I did get him 2 gift cards to Cabela's and Bass Pro Shop so he could buy things for the boat or hunting. He is a rather difficult one to shop for. I'm just excited for a mid-week date to just be with each other.

Other exciting news, I am 24w1d as of today! I go to the Dr. for a checkup tomorrow. EEEKKK I can't believe I am already at 24 weeks. At times it feels like it is crawling along and other times it feels like it is flying by!

And now some nostalgic wedding pictures.

I wasn't nice but he should have known better

Matt having some fun after a few too many beverages

My besties wouldn't know where I would be without either of them

Yup rode away in a tractor

My favorite picture of us


  1. First of all, Happy Anniversary and 24 weeks! I am sitting here laughing so hard at the tractor picture. My sister and brother in law were hauled off to their reception in the bucket of a tractor also! Fun times :)

  2. Happy Anniversary !! Love the picture w/ the tractor

  3. Such cute pictures! Congrats on 3 years!!!

  4. Beautiful pics and happy anniversary to you!! Hope you have a nice relaxing evening. Totally hear you on the crawling and going fast all at once! Crazy times!

  5. Happy, happy anniversary! Love the pictures- I remember Mom loving telling me about your tractor getaway :) Enjoy your special day with the hubs! XO

  6. Happy 3rd anniversary! Hope dinner and relaxing were fabulous tonight:)