Monday, October 15, 2012

Here's My Number So Call Me Crazy

1. I am not a Carly Rae Jepsen fan however I cannot seem to get from the song

Ok onto the real post and why you should call me crazy because that is where I feel like I am headed; Crazyville. Harvest is full go and this year working longer hours and 7+ days in a row is killing me.  I understand it is taking its toll because I have Peanut growing inside of me but I was not expecting to be this exhausted. I did have this weekend off because my boss stayed and worked which was nice.  I was able to get some cleaning done and laundry put away. Matt does a great job helping around the house such as doing the laundry so all I have to do is put it away, doing dishes, emptying and loading the dishwasher and taking out the trash. Those are all huge things that make the daily cleaning not pile up. I felt like a got a good cleaning done in the bathroom, kitchen and hallways. My goal before Peanut gets here is to either shampoo the rugs myself or just hire it out. I keep going back and forth because of the money and all the work moving furniture and such. I know I am probably wayyyy over thinking this which is the main reason I need a one way ticket to crazyville. 

Another reason, almost having a breakdown in Babies R Us because I was so overwhelmed. Now I have done research upon research about what is good to put on a registry, what can wait what you won't ever use etc etc. Well, when I got there everything I had read, prepared went right out the window. The 2 aisles of car seats alone was daunting. Not to mention the rows of bottles, strollers, swings I could go on and on. Don't get me wrong I was super excited to start my registry and I thought I was prepared but once again I was overthinking it. It probably didn't help that I was there by myself because Matt has been working very hard at getting the building up so we can move onto other things such as finishing the kitchen, setting up the spare room, putting a ceiling fan/light in the nursery and just getting everything in tip top shape.

So basically I just feel overwhelmed about getting everything done and done to the way I want it. Bird talked about this in her post too and I should just make a list because no matter how big it is crossing things off should in theory make me feel better. Right?

On another note and in my opinion a super exciting one. This is where Matt and I will be on Saturday! I will of course have pictures from this. It is Matt's first OSU game and I am so excited!!!!


  1. Yes, make a list! Lists ALWAYS calm me down (a little bit)when I'm feeling overwhelmed. Maybe break it down a week at a time? You do have a lot on your plate- that's for sure! Small bites, my friend! They are much easier to chew :)

  2. List calm me too. I agree with Laura. I would be sure to include a few things that can be crossed off almost immediately. It makes me feel like I'm accomplishing something! Have fun at the game! Hope it's a good weekend for football!

  3. Oh goodness...the baby registry!!! I'm a bit overwhelmed, I have find some research and asked advice, but goodness...there's so much out there! I'm pretty sure it will go well, my dh is a calm rational person, and so thankfully am more excited than nervous...I think! ;)

  4. The baby registry can be daunting, but it is still fun to do!

    JEALOUS about your outing for Saturday!!!! We haven't been to a Buckeye game for 2 years now. We usually go every fall and make it a fun get away weekend! O-H-I-O, GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! = )

  5. I Love lists! lol.. Yay for the Ohio State Game!!! those are fun!!

  6. Ah...the registry. There are a lot of options, but don't forget that no matter what you choose, it will be fine. Sometimes there isn't a best, there are just lots of options that will all work for you. And sometimes we don't really need the best :)