Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My life in pictures

The big exciting (that is a big fat lie because lately my life is very boring but boring in a good way) life that I lead in picture format.

After a long Saturday at work Matt built a fire and this was the sunset so peaceful and pretty

After the sunset came the harvest moon
So many sweets at work these days. I also think I deserve a medal for driving to work with these sitting beside me and not eating a single one!

Up she goes, when trucks can't dump themselves we have to lift them up. Most elevators don't do this anymore because of the liability (can't imagine) but we still do.
That is pretty much it. Nothing exciting and new. Peanut has been very active lately which is just fine with me =). The painters are coming this weekend to do the first room so I will show pictures as soon as it gets done. I have also been busy researching registry items. I think we are going to go with BabiesRus and Wal-Mart. There just aren't many stores around that have baby items and that it is easy for people to get to. If it rains like it is supposed to Matt and I are going to take a trip and get started.

I also saw this pin today on pin.terest and it made me think of so many of you ladies and all of us in the IF community.

Happy Tuesday!


  1. I needed to read that "pin" thanks for posting it!!

  2. What an amazing saying, love it. Glad you are doing well.

  3. Love that saying!! Can't wait to see what the painting looks like!!

  4. Great pictures! I love the pin. Thanks for sharing!

  5. That lift is crazy! My husband would pee his pants to watch that happen. He's a big kid. ;) Great saying. I think I have that one pinned too.

  6. That truck dump picture is awesome - it almost looks like a toy truck that some kid has been playing with! I would love to see that happen. I like the movement you captured in the soybean pic too.

    So glad everything is continuing to go well for you!

  7. love the pin and the truck pic! glad everything is going well!! :)

  8. Love that pin! Thank you for sharing. And you SHOULD get a medal for not eating any of those sweets!!! Lol...now I want a doughnut.

  9. Love the pin! Omgosh I would have not been able to skip out on those! You get a Big GOLD Medal from me!! You rock!