Wednesday, October 24, 2012

OSU GAME & 28 Week Appointment

 First off let me just say it was a good thing the Dr. wasn't going to check my blood pressure after that Ohio State game! Good grief talk about a game lasting to the very last seconds!! If you don't know, the Buckeyes won in OT 29-22 making us 8-0! It was a lot and I mean a lot of walking for this girl but it was good for me and worth it!
The title says it all. The guys pushing this around got a heck of a workout!


Once upon a time I wanted to be him...then I realized I would never be that flexible

The only way my child is allowed to be a band geek (sorry former band geeks but I was one too!)

Script Ohio upside down- good thing our state is a small word!

Matt and I, not a good belly shot because I had lots of layers on
Monday was my 28 week appointment but it was almost a week behind because Tuesday I was 29 weeks. Holy cow technically only 11 more weeks!!! EEEEKKKKKK but hey it will be alright. I did make a list that Matt laughed at but it did make me feel better. Plus I've already crossed some items off it.I haven't gotten my glucose test results yet so keeping my fingers crossed I passed. Blood pressure was 134/68 and weight was the same.

I went to a baby shower of a high school friends on Sunday. Her and her husband had been trying for 5+ years and are going to welcome their miracle in a few short weeks and I couldn't be more excited for them. The food was amazing and her MIL is very talented because there were so many crocheted and knitted items around for this baby. He or she will certainly be loved. Funny thing too is that her husband went to school with Matt and wayyyy back in HS he was part of the crowd that brought Matt around before we started dating.

We go back to the Dr. on November 6th and we have our 3d ultrasound plus I start going every 2 weeks!!


  1. I can't believe you're almost to appointments every 2 weeks! YAY! Glad you got a list made. Silly or not, lists are good for you.

    Love the pics from the game....gotta love a band geek! I was one too and I'm proud of it now :) We need a new belly shot without layers! You look great, my friend.

  2. Every time I see osu, I think oklahoma state university. I like ohio better ;-)

  3. Things are getting close! Are you ready? I'm not :)