Monday, July 2, 2012

Friday Storms

Friday during the day after my appointment and our lunch date we discussed the weekend and what we were thinking about doing. Little did we know we would spend our Friday night cleaning up and Matt would spend the rest of the weekend tearing down his parents garage.

We were still open late on Friday, but by just a half hour so no big deal. Well around 3:00 or so the sky started getting dark and you could see the storm on the radar but it didn't look too terrible. About 4:30 the wind picked up and started blowing dust everywhere. Our operations manager said we were closing up early and told everyone to get home. I was scared I was going to drive right into it because the worst of it was heading south. Matt called just as I was leaving telling me to stay at work (too late for that) and that it was getting nasty at home. So this girl starts to freak out a bit and couple that with pregnancy hormones, this storm had nothing on me. As I was getting closer to home I could see traffic stopped and fire trucks, ok insert more panic. Thankfully it was just downed power lines but I still had to try 2 different back ways to get home. All the while I am trying to get a hold of Matt and of course he isn't picking up his phone! Thankfully we did not have much damage, some shingles on the shop and house, some of the siding on the shop and just a lot of debris. His grandpa's barn didn't fair that well though, the roof is almost completely gone and it picked up the one corner of the barn. Luckily most of the cattle were down in the pasture but the ones in the barn were okay. At his parents the garage moved off it's foundation and lost most of it's roof as well. The barn over there lost some siding and a few pieces of the roof. All in all though, we were very very lucky to not have the damage a town close to us had and we are so fortunate to have only lost power for a couple of hours.


  1. I am happy that you guys came through all of this unharmed. These storms were massive. I guess living in Oklahoma I am used to lots of tornadoes and damaging storms, but it is still very scary every time.

  2. So glad the damage was minor! We were far enough north that we didn't really get much, but our friend's south of us still don't have power! Fast and furious was the name of that storm!