Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Her First Fair...

We survived the fair! Taking Reagan out of her routine for 7 days straight made me a tad nervous especially since she has been teething (although we don't have any yet!). However, Reagan took it like a champ! She kept her same sleep schedule, loved all the stroller rides, loved all the sights and sounds and loved being around all the people who absolutely adored her. She was quite the attraction and a lot of people remember her from being the first baby of the new year. While I did have a lot of work to do we got some great family time in. Usually every night we would walk around just the 3 of us and call me crazy but I have always wanted to walk around the fair pushing a stroller with my little family.
Hanging with her new bff Zaine

Who needs a horse when you can ride a calf

Dairy Feeder day so we had to rock our dairy bib

Checking out the goats. Matt is now convinced that we need to have some goats.

Just being a rockstar
I let my food standards fly out the window last week so we are back at this week. I am going to start taking an exercise class 2x a week starting next week. Wish me luck!

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