Wednesday, August 14, 2013


Yesterday we had Reagan's echo done. It was nothing invasive and took about a half hour-45 minutes. However, keeping a 7 month old on her back and entertained for that long is no easy task. Especially a little girl who does not like to lay on her back anymore and would rather sit up! Now we wait for a call from the doctor and if all is good we go back in 2 years.

Other exciting news, Reagan is officially mobile. I'm hoping to catch her crawling on video because it is quite comical. Although you can tell she she wants to get up and walk. She can pull herself halfway up on you when you are sitting or she grabs onto your pants. All this growing up makes me sad but so excited to see what she learns next. She also says mama and dada ahh melt my heart!!

We are going camping tonight through Sunday just a quick getaway nothing exciting. However, I will finally get the chance to go check out the amish that live around there! Plus there are some cool looking antique shops which I've always wanted to go look at.


  1. What a big girl! Have fun camping! You'll have to share if you find anything good at the antique shops!

  2. I can't believe she is getting so big and growing so much!