Monday, April 7, 2014

15 Months and Still Feeling Sleepy....

Friday we had Reagan's 15 month appointment. I feel weird saying I have a 15 month old. It just feels weird, like there is no way she can be that old yet. I also feel weird answering people still in months when they ask how old she is. I just never know if I'm one of those people who always count in months until they are 2 or do I just say she is a year? #firsttimemomprobs

She weighs 25lbs and is 32 1/4 inches tall. I'm not sure of the percentiles but I know she jumped up in the height so much so that the doctor remeasured her because he didn't believe it. My little girl is so tall! She has had a cough and runny nose but I've been contributing it to the fact that she has had some back teeth coming in and poor girl probably inherited my allergies. We've been doing Zyrtec which helps but the doctor gave us something else to try and so far it has been working. I can tell she is feeling better as well. I just hate seeing her miserable!

Speaking of miserable, I thought we had turned the page on the whole not sleeping thing, yea not so. She did good all week and then Thursday night the screaming, crying, throwing herself out of the crib started again. As much as I hated to do it, I put her in our bed and we all slept. Saturday night she spent part of the night in our bed and part in hers and Sunday the same. I just wish I knew what triggers the sudden change in mood. I don't want her to rely on getting to sleep in our bed but at the same time, I need sleep so I'm just rolling with it. Ugh so frustrating!

Please ignore the fact that my husband doesn't have a shirt on, but this is how they were when I came home from working out this morning. While it isn't an ideal situation, I do love the cuddles.


  1. She looks tall in that picture! Maybe she'll be a basketball star. Isn't it cool to wonder what she'll be like when she gets older? I love picturing what my nephews will be like.

  2. Awe:) That picture is sweet. Felicia sleeps in our bed every night. Most of the time my husband and I both like having her right there, but sometimes we wish we had our own space at night again (like when she tries to sleep with her feet in our faces or something, ha!). It isn't a forever thing, though! These girls will want their own sleeping space eventually! I just try to enjoy the extra time with her!