Monday, January 14, 2013

Chasing Away the Monday's

So much exciting news going on in our community! Bird Bird Meets Bee had her precious baby girl and I could not be more excited for her. Steph from Goodluck-Try Again has started labor and soon will meet their newest addition and Sass at (In)Fertility Unexplained is getting closer and closer.

And if that good news for those ladies doesn't help take away the Monday's I'm also giving you guys some pictures of our little peanut!

Hates baths but her duck towel was too cute

Soon I will hand the camera over to Matt so I can get some pics of me and her

Seriously are words needed


  1. That last still my heart. Too sweet. You need to show us pictures of little miss's room!

  2. I agree with Laura! That picture of daddy and daughter is priceless. Thank you for sharing pictures with us Megan

  3. Fatherhood really suits Matt! Now pass that camera lady!

  4. Gah!!!! She is absolutely adorable. Hope you are getting some rest and recovering well.

  5. Love the pictures! She's a cutie!!

  6. Ohh look at that little girl. She is oh so sweet looking.