Saturday, April 13, 2013

Choices Choices Choices

First I want to apologize for being MIA, life has been crazy and I was studying for the series #3 test which to rub salt in the wound from the first fail I failed again by 2 points, grrr!!!!

There are times when I feel like we are overwhelmed with choices these days. Then you start talking baby related and BOOM talk about a plethora (one of my favorite words) of choices we have to make. It could seriously drive someone crazy, especially if you are person who doesn't have their own strong opinion, constantly second guess yourself (guilty!), or does their research.

Choice #1- Breast or formula
Now we all know breast is best, best for the baby and best for the mom as well. I chose to breast feed knowing full well that if it didn't work or I wasn't producing enough I would supplement with formula. Yet does it make a person a bad mom if they don't breast feed? What if it is just too hard, they have latch issues, there is an allergy etc etc. I've seen some places (like online forums and such) where woman who choose not to breastfeed are attacked for their choice. Let me repeat that last line, their choice! I think we live in a society where people find it okay to criticize someone and their decision just because they may not agree with them. I tend to think I am a very agreeable person but I do have my own opinions and feel that we are all entitled to them and that we won't always agree but agreeing to disagree is just fine. So back to my point about the first choice, while I do think breast is best however you can keep your baby happy, healthy, full and content should be the main objective right?

Choice #2- Working mom or stay at home mom
Woh talk about a sensitive area for a lot of people. I truly truly loved being home with Reagan on my maternity leave. That being said, I was ready to go back to work. I was ready to be around adults all day, have adult conversations and have a routine. I'm not saying that SAHM's don't have a routine I'm saying I needed a 5 day a week wake up at 5:15 out the door by 7:20 type of routine. However, because I choose to work does not mean that I love my child less. It means that I want to provide the absolute best for her and in order to do that I have to work.

Choice #3-Vaccines
To vaccinate, to not vaccinate, to do the modified schedule, the regular schedule whew did I cover them all? We have opted to vaccinate and do the regular schedule. While I do feel guilty about Reagan getting so many shots at a time, the time required to take her to do doctor for the modified schedule does not work. This topic can spark off some pretty hot debates. I'm always just curious for peoples reasoning for the choice they make and I will respect their opinion as long as they respect mine.

I realize this is just a bunch of ramblings but these are some of the things that I never thought of before getting pregnant.  Would any of you be willing to share some of the choices you have had to make whether it was seeking treatments, during pregancy or after the bundle of joy arrived?

Now for a quick update. We had her 3 months pictures last week already!! I will show a sneak peak.


  1. I'm pretty sure the big choices never end once you're a parent. :) Always something, right? I'm just guessing, but I think a lot of the arguments and attacks that moms make against other moms are really just stemming from our own insecurities and guilt. Know what I mean? I'm not saying that is what we all do, but I do think it happens more often than we'd like to admit.

    The "work" decision was a really hard one for me. I took almost my entire maternity leave to 100% reach a decision on that. In the end, I know for *our* family the right choice is for me to stay at home full time. While I miss a lot of things that came with my former job, I have full peace that it was/is the right decision for us. I'm just thankful I had the option to chose though, as I know there are many mamas who desire to stay at home full time but just can't swing it financially.

  2. There are a lot of choices to be made when you have kids. I'm pretty much the same as you. I breast feed - even though I've had to cut out milk products in order for my guy to get the nourishment he needs. It's a sacrifice for me, but I am able to BF so I'm doing my best to do so, even though it's the hardest thing I've ever done. I go to work and like you, I've enjoyed the schedule. And I vaccinate on a regular schedule. You just have to do what you think is best for your kids. There are many ways to raise children and as moms we need to be supportive of all mothers decisions because this is the hardest most rewarding job we'll ever have.

  3. I am no help- But I have missed you! I can't wait to see photos of that beautiful baby!!

  4. Great post! Ever since I got pregnant, I notice a lot of women criticizing other women for their choices. I never realized how many different choices there were and how hot the topics can be. I've seen people get down right nasty about things. I agree with what Scarlett said in the above comment about being supportive because it's definitely a tough job!
    And you're doing great! :-)

  5. What's awesome is being critized by family. My milk started drying up at 4.5 months & it killed me. "Keep feeding, it'll come back". It didn't, it just got worse. I had to supplement because I knew she wasn't getting enough. By Christmas vacation I was half BF feeds, half bottles and my mother in law judged me. I wanted to keep breastfeeding but I couldn't take the stress. By 6 months(end of Jan)I gave up, she was mostly bottle anyways. We do regular shot schedule too. I like not having to go back inbetween months for shots & I LOVED not having shots at 9 months. I'd rather she be poked all at once & be all better then have twice as many poke days. People will always think their way is best & some try to push it on you. Someone may always think you're parenting wrong. Like my mother in law worried sick my child isn't big enough, therefore not healthy. She has a cousin 2 months younger but who is in bigger clothes. Ugh!