Friday, April 19, 2013

I Need to Rant!

Reagan's baptism is this weekend. We are so excited to have friends and family celebrate with us. The baptism will happen after mass then we are having a reception at a local eatery. It is nothing fancy by any means, I'm talking salad bar, pizza and cake. I opted to invite my aunts, uncles and cousins. Matt decided he did not want to do that. Granted I have a lot fewer than he does but it was his choice and I wasn't going to push it. We did invite his grandpa, at my urging. Matt finally agreed because he honestly thought his grandpa wouldn't come since his dad and grandpa don't speak. (That dates back to this event).

Well, Monday I received a phone call from Matt's aunt saying that he had received the invitation and was coming. She then asked if she could come with him. In order to keep the peace I said it was fine. Quite frankly, it is fine. I mean who really cares. I'm sure it is because she is a nosy Nelly but whatever we have nothing to hide. However, it infuriates my in-laws. Seriously, who cares!!!!! I am just glad that Matt's grandpa is coming. He is the only living grandparent that either of us have. I would give anything to have any or all of my grandparents still around and be able to come.

Now this brings me to my big rant. I have wanted a generations picture since Reagan was born. One with Reagan, Matt, his dad and his grandpa. I told Matt this and he said good luck. I also told my MIL last night that I wanted that picture and she said it probably won't happen but I could try by just putting Reagan in his arms and saying smile. Seriously! You can't stand beside each other for 5 minutes so that Reagan can have this, so I can have this? To me it is selfish, petty and childish. Grrrr!!!!

Hopefully this rant is for nothing and there is no fighting when I want to have this picture taken and everyone acts like adults. Fingers crossed.


  1. I hope they can and will put their differences aside for 5 minutes. I have a feeling they will. Are you going to request it at the eatery? Make sure you speak up! ;-)

  2. My hope for your special day is, everyone can put aside petty differences and make it special for you little girl!

  3. Good Luck!! but have you thought of photoshop? Had similar situations..

  4. Wow, they are ridiculous! They should at least be able to take 1 picture! Sorry you're dealing with that. I hope they act civil and everything goes okay!

  5. I hope that everything went better than you expected!!