Tuesday, December 24, 2013

A Baby Changes Everything

Christmas Eve, already!! Seriously where did the year go?

I cannot wait for Reagan's first Christmas tomorrow. I know she won't know what is going on and she will have more fun with the paper and boxes but it is still something I will treasure forever. I've waited for this day when I get to have my own little family on Christmas morning.

I am a huge sucker for the traditional Christmas songs, Silent Night and The First Noel are my absolute favorites. However, the other day I had CMT on and this song came on. By the time it was over I was crying, tears streaming down my face. I don't get religious on this blog because I have my views and you all have yours and we may not agree and that is okay but this song, yea, wow.

It is true, a baby changes everything.

Here is our first family Christmas card. Some people will be getting theirs after Christmas but it is the thought that counts right?
View the entire collection of cards.

Here in just a week I will also have a 1 year old. Yea more on that later.

Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. Ugh. I am SO BEHIND on blogs! Hope you and your family had a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!