Friday, December 13, 2013

Christmas Pictures and Bad Baby

There are way to many talented photographers in this area. Seriously, it makes it hard to choose who does what pictures and such. I love love love the photog who does Reagan's milestone ones. I probably have said it before but she did our wedding so she does hold a special place in my heart. I will continue to use her no doubt. But then, there is a young and super talented photographer who is going to be doing my brother's wedding next June. I've stalked her on facebook and have always liked her work. She offers a lot of mini sessions fairly cheap so I love using her for those! She is the one who did the mommy and me and her Halloween. When she offered a Christmas mini for $100 I jumped on it! Normally we don't do Christmas cards but when you have a little cutie you have to show her off! Those of you that are facebook friends with me have already seen them but for those of you who aren't (please feel free to add me!) here are my favorites from the session.

Reagan is such a chatter box these days.  Not everything is coherent but she does say some things very clearly beyond momma and dada. Puppy and kitty are favorites, along with Kate. Her newest one which she has picked up at the sitters is bad baby. When you ask her how she was at the sitter she answers bad baby. I promise she isn't a bad baby all the time (except when she took an ornament off J's tree and chucked it!) but to hear her say it is adorable.


  1. Bad baby? That is absolutely hilarious Megan! The photos turned out beautiful, but you also have a beautiful daughter :)

  2. That is so funny about her saying bad baby! Love Taylor's pictures, as always, but with a subject that cute how could they not be great?!