Sunday, February 19, 2012

Results and Some Rambling

So I called on Friday to see if they had gotten my results and to get a provera prescription. They did have my results and things look good, he is upping my dose of met which he said either he would up it or get rid of it. My anti-mullerian (spelling????) is satisfactory, glucose and insulin were good. I did not however get Matt's SA results and I completely forgot to ask. I was kind of nervous before and during the phone call, why I'm not sure, maybe I was afraid of not good results? Either way she didn' offer the results so that makes me think that they don't have them? Does anyone know how long it takes to get SA results? Either way I got my provera prescription and not knowing how my body would react to it I took my first on on Friday. So ten days of pills makes me done with them on Sunday the 26th. It wouldn't be bad if AF showed up on that Sunday or Monday but hoping she doesn't show on Wednesday or Thursday. However, should she decide to show up when I am in Vegas I will survive. I mean it wouldn't be her worst timing, that would be the day of my wedding. Yup that's right, no period of 6 months because of no insurance and not having BCP she decided to show up the morning of my wedding and last through most of my honeymoon. Whenever she shows I need to call Dr. S's office and schedule my HSG, order my medicine and get the ball rolling.

So last night Matt and I went to Wal-Mart to get some items after a very tiring day with my family. I won't go into much detail because I don't want to offend or gross someone out but my family butchers hogs once a year on President's Day weekend. It is a great time but very tiring. So anyways back to my story, Matt and I went into town and I had on yoga pants and a fleece. As I was walking into Wal-Mart I realized I was "that person" in Wal-Mart who can' bother to put on jeans to go in the store. Yup, that was me. Matt pointed out that I wasn't the only one and at least I wasn't wearing fuzzy pajama pants. He is just always my optimist.

On a final note, Matt and I are taking a HUGE leap of faith this week, more to come when it happens.


  1. Oh good, glad you called and got some feedback! Sometimes they won't give you exact results over the phone without the knowing the doctor is completely done commenting or whatever.
    My mom talks about how she feels over dressed wearing jeans at the wal-mart in town, so I'm sure you looked normal without cartoons on your pants like most people at that one- I've seen it!
    Good luck leaping....excited to hear more! Have a great week!

  2. Glad to hear that your plan is well underway and anxious to hear what this big leap of faith is all about! No shame in yoga pants at wal-mart. I agree with Matt though... pajamas is taking it too far!! lol

  3. I wear my yoga pants everywhere! Love them! Good luck leaping!