Wednesday, February 1, 2012


So I went to the doctor today and Matt went with me which was sweet of him.  He was rather uncomfortable in the waiting room though and it made me giggle. The doctor said basically what I figured that I never ovulated and he said based on my super low progesterone level that I never even produced a dominant follicle.  Well thank you ovaries, you are just stellar and I'm so lucky to have you as part of my reproductive tract.  The next step is going to an RE and so down to Columbus we go on February 8th.  I'm assuming that this appointment will be more of a consultation and we can talk about my history and so on and so forth.  So I am excited and nervous for next Wednesday.

On to some other exciting news, I REACHED MY GOAL of  7lbs!!!!! Yay me!!! So my goal for February is 8lbs and I can't wait to beat that one too!  The insulin resistance diet seems to be working great and the best part is, it is so simple.  I have made a point to look at the labels on food and see how many carbs or how much protein is in the item.  This also leads to looking at calories and watching my intake.  The best part of this new lifestyle is that I don't have to banish anything from my diet, which leads to less cravings which leads to less binges.

On a completely unrelated note, Matt and I are taking a day trip tomorrow to Amish country.  It will be so nice to get away for the day, not think about a darn thing, eat good food, take some pictures and just enjoy time together. I do have a list from my parents of food to get at the Berlin Bulk Food Store, certain cheeses to get at Heinis (not sure if that is spelled right), and look at some amazing handmade furniture.  One of the best things to do down there is to get on the side roads and find the roadside stands, there you can find some awesome goodies.  Another reason we are going is to go to the auction and maybe buy some bottle feeder calves depending on price, how big, etc.  I will post some pictures tomorrow because the scenery down there is gorgeous. 

So here is to a new beginning with a new doctor and hoping and praying that we can figure out my amazing ovaries!


  1. First, Congrats on your goal! Yay!! My first RE appointment was sort of a consultation and medical review. They took a complete medical history of both of us, checked me for stds and took about 15 vials of blood from me and one from my husband. Its an exciting start, right? Enjoy your visit to Amish country. Their food is amazing!

  2. Glad to hear that the appointment went well and you're on to the next step. Also, big congrats on reaching your goal. Sounds like your well on track to meet it again next month. Enjoy the day off.

  3. Congratulations! Not so much for your ovaries :) Hoping you get some pieces to your puzzle at the RE!

  4. Congrats on the weight loss! I hope your RE appt goes well and they can help get your ovaries on the right track quickly!