Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sunday Thoughts

I've had a lot of things running through my head these past couple of days. So why not list them all out and maybe it will clear my head and get me ready for the upcoming week.

1. I took my MIL shopping yesterday because she needed to find a gift for a nephew (well her grandson obviously). It was in that hour and a half car ride that I finally told her about the issues Matt and I were having. Whew, what a weight off because I know that they had been asking when and all Matt told his dad was that there were issues. To finally get it out there, well it was time.

2. I am super scared/nervous and excited for what this week brings, my HSG and ultrasound. Gah one minute I'm scared the HSG might show something, another I'm afraid I will have no follicles then I get all excited that THIS could be it, so many emotions.

3. Why must people air their dirty laundry on facebook, drives me insane!!!

4. I'm such a fan of The Voice, I also possibly have a huge celeb crush on Blake Shelton and Adam Levine!

Oh I'm sure there are more things that are on my mind, actually there has to be right cause I can't be that simpleminded. Either way, it feels good to get those out there and out of my mind even though I know I'm still going to be scared/nervous for the events this week, if only this came easy.

I almost forgot, I figured out how to add tabs at the top! So I layed out Matt and I's love story and our TTC story!


  1. Wow - you have so much going on! First, I am super stoked that you posted your love story and TTC history tabs. I think there is something therapeutic about writing those things down. Also, I'm super proud of you for telling your MIL what was up. I just remember being so nervous when we first talked about it, but now I feel like it has brought us much, much closer.

    I'm crossing my fingers for you this week and hope the HSG goes smoothly. Hang in there girl! *hug*

  2. Glad to hear that you and the MIL had a chat. I love the voice... especially Adam! ;) Good luck with everything this week.

  3. Adam Levine is Devine! Glad for you that you got to share with your MIL. I'm sure it feels amazing!! Keep us posted (no pun intended) on those follicles!!

  4. I hope you feel better getting that all out. So glad you told your MIL. Feels so much better, doesn't it?! She probably feels better knowing too. Win-win!

    Love the tabs! Don't know why it took me so long to do mine :)

    Praying your HSG is all clear. I'll be thinking about you...keep us posted! XO

  5. Love the tabs! I hope your HSG goes well, too. The procedure itself isn't too bad. Thoughts are with you!

  6. Megan, hope things go well with the HSG. We'll be thinking of you and Matt and praying for good results. Looking forward to seeing good news from you soon.

  7. Megan, Just found your blog and I love it and your honesty here. Sending positive baby thoughts your way! PS. I also love The Voice (when I have time to watch).