Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Reveal...

Well, I am still waiting on my cake, but we are going to wait till this weekend and do the cake reveal with Matt's brothers, SIL and their kids. We did however, tell our parents. The main reason we broke down early before the cake was that my aunt and uncle from South Carolina (the ones we just visited) were home this weekend and we had an impromptu family cookout with my parents and both sets of aunts and uncles. They had been bugging us since we found out so I made cupcakes on Sunday and used food coloring to change the color of some of the batter. Then last night we told Matt's parents. So without further ado, peanut is a....

I will say this did come as a surprise because I fully was expecting boy while secretly kind of hoping for a girl. Matt was very shocked and I think a little scared because he hasn't been around little girls that much besides the nieces. I think he is also worried how quickly she will have him wrapped around her little finger =) Names have been discussed but nothing set in stone.

I do have a special request, my friend J, who is the one that told me about Dr. S had her last IUI. This is her last chance at getting pregnant due to age so please say a little prayer, keep your fingers crossed for her, thanks!

Lastly, congratulations to some bloggy friends who have had some awesome news this past week with positive beta's and positive tests!


  1. How awesome. Girls are so much fun!

  2. Yay! A little princess for you!!!! Such exciting news :) :)

  3. Yahooooo! Such good news! Little girls are so exciting. Cupcakes look good too!

  4. yay!!! we are on the same boat!! all the pink and cute stuff awaits us!!

  5. Awwww:) So exciting! You are having a DAUGHTER! LOVE!