Wednesday, November 7, 2012

31 weeks

So yesterday on election day, we had our 3d ultrasound. I will be creating a tab soon I promise with some u/s pictures and a belly picture but in my hurry to leave this morning I walked off and forgot them. Anyways back to the appointment.

Matt met me at the doctor's fresh out of the combine so he had to be dusted off before we went in. This is actually very typical these days but I still love him! The tech asked if we knew what we were having and I said well last time you said it was a girl so she said she would verify for us. All Matt could say was well I still hope it is a girl or we will have to change some things!

Peanut was just chilling but the way the cord was we didn't get the clearest picture of her face but were still able to see it. I say she has Matt's nose which I make fun of (in his defense he makes fun of my ears). Peanut also let us know that she is a girl with her legs up in the air. Fluids and everything else was normal. Heartbeat was strong at 146. I will never get tired of hearing the heartbeat simple as it may be. She is measuring just over 4lbs. The doctor said she is measuring the weight of a baby whose due date would be the 28th of December but they are leaving my due date on January 7th.

Now the not so good news... my blood pressure was up again but the readings I have been doing at home have been normal so I am to keep monitoring it and if I notice an increase they will change my medicine. Because of that they want to do a stress test the next time I go which is the week of Thanksgiving. I will also have one the following week. Also my blood count is on the low side which means Peanut is stealing mine to help her grow. I wish she would steal some fat too but she is growing and that is all that matters. So I have to add an iron supplement to my routine. He was concerned but said it happens to a lot of woman. I am trying not to scare myself and to stay calm and not think about it just do what he says. We shall see if that works. To end on a positive note though, I did pass my glucose test! Diabetes runs in my family and with my weight I was at a higher risk but that is one thing I can check off!!


  1. Sounds like things for the most part are going smoothly during the end of your pregnancy. Hope you can keep a handle on blood pressure until baby is ready :)

  2. Yay, what a good update! Sounds like the things that are not a-ok are all things that can (and are) easily be monitored. January 7th is a great day to be born...that's J's :) It's so funny to hear what the baby weight is. I don't know one person who's baby was the weight the doctor's predicted, haha. Keep on keepin' on, friend! Get that tab up! I wanna see some pictures!

  3. Hooray for things going mostly smooth...the things that aren't so good are at least easily checked on and remedied! I have to have my iron checked again today...I am guessing that I will be on an iron supplement, too! Not a big deal to me, especially if it helps me get some of my energy back! Hope things continue to go well...and I'd love to see those photos when time allows :)