Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Feelin the Love

The week before Thanksgiving my mom threw me and our Peanut a shower. It was so amazing. Ruth, (Laura from The Adventures of an Infertile Myrtle's mom) and her craftiness were over the top amazing! I'm not kidding when I say the craftiness oozes from this woman. She was also the mastermind behind a lot of my wedding items such as invitations and table decor. We did go with a cowgirl theme (of course right!) but it was so tastefully done.
These were a peanut butter lovers dream come true!
Nutter Butter cow which gave Ruth fits because she couldn't get the ears placed just right.

She is seriously the queen of cake pops.

We had the shower at mom's church and it was the perfect amount of pink.

These dear baby's were at everyone's seat along with the favor of a pumpkin spice sugar hand scrub. The things that people wrote made me laugh and cry when I finally sat down to read them all. A lot said that they hope she grows up to be a strong independent woman, that she love her family, respect her elders and so on. They are all in a little book and I can't wait till the day I can explain who all the people are that wrote to her.
All in all it was a wonderful afternoon and showed me just how loved and excited people are for this little girl to get here!

I had another NST today and of course she was not as active in the beginning but the nurse gave me some orange juice and I played some music to her off of my phone and she perked right up. These will be a weekly thing due to my blood pressure till she gets here. My blood pressure was steady again this week and I was down 3lbs. My goal by next week is to have the nursery mostly set up and enough room in my front room for the Christmas tree!


  1. What a unique theme, I really like it! The nutter butter cows are too cute!

  2. LOVE it! She is the queen of cake pops, isn't she?! I bet those Dear Baby thoughts are great! I love things like that. My Mom's head might explode when she finally gets to plan a shower for me, right?! So glad the NST went well- great news about the BP. Good luck on the nursery/ christmas tree progress!

  3. Very adorable shower! Great to read things are going pretty good!