Friday, December 7, 2012

Here, There and Everywhere

Have you ever had one of those weeks, starts off pretty normal and you are just ready for the weekend to get here because the to do list is a mile long? Yea, that is how my week started out but got turned upside down pretty darn quick on Wednesday.

First, I will start with the good of the week. My NST was very good, Peanut was very active without the aide of music or juice. I say it was the 5 Guys I had for lunch (yum yum!). My blood pressure was the lowest it has been in 3 weeks. I was also told I was doing awesome in the weight gain department. Next week is 36 weeks and the Dr. will start checking me. EEEKKK that just seems crazy!! The only real thing I want to get done yet in the nursery is install a ceiling fan, pick out crib bedding and vacuum and shampoo the carpet. I promise I will get pictures up soon.

Now onto the okay. We had our first prenatal class last night. I was actually a tad nervous because for starters I felt like we would be the oldest ones in there (we weren't). I was also somewhat nervous that it would be cancelled for whatever reason, (it wasn't). There were a total of 4 couples and we seemed to be all about the same age. There was one couple who was adopting and the birth mom and the birth mom's mom were all together. Not going to lie, the beginning was boring because we talked about nutrition, positions to sleep in, how to get in and out of a vehicle etc. Then came the breathing exercises. They seemed cheesy but I'm sure I won't be saying that when I actually need them. The second part though was when they talked about the stages of labor. First off, the women they used were cracking me up. It was hard not to laugh but as soon as class was over and we were on our way to dinner I thought I was going to pee my pants from laughing. Next week is our tour of the hospital and the third week is breastfeeding and baby care. Was it what I thought, not really but I like how it is super casual. I am excited for the tour because the hospital is brand new like a year or two old and I hear the rooms are amazing! Another perk of being from a small town, there usually aren't too many patients in the ob department so hopefully it won't be chaotic.

Now onto the bad. My boss is leaving at the end of the year. She is more than a boss though, she has been a mentor to me the last 3 years I have been at my job. When they hired me, I had zero experience in the grain industry but they took a chance on me anyways. She also has become a friend. She listened to my stories about my crazy family, even crazier in laws, Matt and being a farm wife and she was so supportive and understanding when it came to IF. She never once made a big deal about me needing off for appointments and was super understanding when my hormones were crazy. So, the tears flowed but I am happy for her too. She is taking on a position that she feels will challenge her. She will still be in the grain industry and she will still be coming to Ohio at times. Like Matt said, we will still talk, there is always facebook and texting and he is right. A big part of me know that it won't be the same, but I am trying to look at the positives. I knew this day would come eventually but I just wasn't expecting it so soon. The timing also sucks basically because she is done at the end of the year and I am too. I wish I was going to be here for that transition period or that it was happening after I was back but that is just how the cookie crumbles. Her leaving also opens up a big opportunity for advancement for me which I knew would only come if she left or took a different position. Me being me though, I'm just afraid of failing which both Matt and she has said that I won't. That this is the push I need to stand on my own two feet and step out of her shadow. I have requested a meeting with my other boss to let him know my thoughts and even though I will be on maternity leave when I come back I want the position and just some things that I will need from him. That was a scary email to send so hopefully we can meet up and figure some things out.

But hey today is Friday and I do have a busy weekend ahead of me! Presents to wrap, a tree to put up, baking cookies and packing my hospital bag. We also need to finish up Christmas shopping so I'm hoping to get that done on Saturday evening. Kind of makes me tired just thinking about all of it!


  1. Woah! Holy lots o' exciting things happening! How awesome would a promotion be! I can't believe that you're due soon!! You hits lots of great changes/possible changes happening. Very exciting!

  2. I'm so happy to hear about all the great things that happened this week. I hope your meeting with your other boss goes well. It's always so sad when someone that's more than just a work friend leaves. I've lost it over that a few times, so you're not alone :) Now, get to baking those cookies:) Mmmmm, cookies!

    PS- I cannot believe it's time for you to start getting a hospital bag around! EEEEK!

  3. Glad your NST went well! And I can't wait to see pics of the nursery! It sounds like you are so close to having the room ready for your little girl!!

    Very exciting to take your classes! We have taken classes on labor and delivery, breastfeeding, infant care, and labor skills (I LOVED the labor skills class...hopefully we can remember all of the info to help both of us get through Ponyo's birth drug/intervention free!). We have yet to do a hospital tour...can't wait to hear about how yours goes :)

    Hope everything goes well at work! You are a busy lady right now, for sure!

    We should talk/e-mail about hospital bag stuff. So far all I have in my bag is lanolin, Lifesavers (at one of my classes they said hard candy is a must to keep your mouth/throat comfortable during labor), the skirt I plan to wear while laboring, and the carseat-safe fleece snowsuit for Ponyo to wear home. Still not sure what outfit to bring for Ponyo or what else (besides my own toiletries and an clothes for me to wear home) I need to make sure to bring!

  4. We did our first childbirth class this week too! Makes it all seem so real! Are you delivering at tiffin mercy? Our Hosptial isn't nearly as new but is a small one so I'm hoping for the same small town feel (even in the city).