Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Takin Bets

First off, I hope all of you had an amazing Christmas day spent with family and however you spend it. Mine was wonderful and Matt spoiled me like he always does =) Family time was great and very relaxed just what this lady needed.

Now onto the bet! Actually there is no bet but with winter storm hitting us with a good douse of snow I was joking that Peanut was going to make her appearance during the storm. So, while there is no actual bet I am 38 weeks and she could come at any time so why not show up during a snow storm! This is really not that bad, they say it will be blizzard conditions but it is winter so I see no reason to get all excited. I would like to make a trip to the Kroger's and see how depleted the bread and milk areas are. This is the worst snow we have had in 2 years and my inner child is excited to see the snow. My mom has called twice to check on me at work to make sure I haven't left and to see how I have felt. I have felt ok, just the bowling ball between my legs and pressure. I have had some lower back pain but nothing that sticks around.

Don't worry though, you all will be kept in the loop!


  1. It would definitely be a story you could tell for years to come :) Hoping you met your little girl soon!

  2. My nephew was born during an ice storm 2 years ago! They say the pressure changes during storms are what set labor into motion...yes, please keep us posted!!!

  3. How exciting would that be?! I was happy to see the snow too...not to drive in it today, but just see it while I sit inside in my jammies :) I'm excited for some baby updates from you! When's your next appointment?

  4. EEEEEEE!!!! I'm so excited for you! Wishing you as much rest and comfort as possible on this last stretch of pregnancy.