Tuesday, May 7, 2013

4 Month Checkup

Friday was Reagan's 4 month checkup. I feel like I'm always saying woah time please slow down, she can't be 4 months old already!!

13lbs 1.5oz
25 inches long

She is in the 50th percentile for both of those. Actually right on the line for the 50th. So my baby girl is just average. The doctor did not seem to think that we needed to change anything because she is growing and is happy and healthy.

He did, however, still hear her heart murmur. It has not gotten worse but it hasn't gotten better like he expected. He recommended that we see a cardiologist just to ensure everything is fine. He truly believes that it will resolve itself but would like the second opinion. There is a cardiologist that comes from Toledo to the hospital and that is one he recommended. The earliest appointment isn't until August 6th. Dr. P (the pediatrician) said Reagan isn't showing signs of having a heart issue such as turning blue, feeding troubles or not growing which makes me feel better. She then had 3 shots, 1 oral and 2 shots which she took like a pro!

I mentioned feeding her cereal, which part of me doesn't want too because that means she is growing  up wayyy to fast but the other part says, whatever keeps her full and happy! Dr. P said not to start cereal till next month. She has had a few spoonfuls of cereal at the sitters (with my permission) and she loved it so I'm not worried about the transition.
All smiles at the doctors!

Looking at the cows with dad

Sitting on the gator, it was still a bit cool for a ride


  1. I could look at that beautiful silly smile all day long!

  2. She is truely precious! Are those dimples? Adorable!

  3. ooo...look at her! so precious!! I want time to slow down too :)

  4. Aww, look at her with her Dad. So adorable. I hope the cardiologist gives her the all clear!

  5. She is such a cutie! Love her smiling eyes!

  6. Aww, big healthy girl! That's great news.
    Praying the murmur resolves!!