Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Tis the Season

Nope not talking about Christmas, I'm talking about spring planting. The time of year that I become a farm widow, dinners get later and later, I'm not sure how there is dirt left in the field because I think my husband brought it all in on his clothes, time of year.

Don't get me wrong, I love spring like love love love it. The ability to open my windows, air out the house, get down and dirty with the cleaning, fresh cut grass, tractor rides and the smell of freshly tilled dirt. My allergies also come back with a vengeance and I think poor Reagan has inherited my allergies, poor baby.

This year is different in the fact that I not only turn into a farm widow but also a single parent. Matt is working later and Reagan is usually asleep by the time he comes in and isn't much help in the mornings because of the early start. Plus to top it off, he got poison ivy. He didn't realize he had it at first but now it is almost gone. This meant he couldn't even hold her if he did get done at a decent time. It was actually sad because he would walk by her and she would look up at him like please pick me up dad, don't you love me anymore. It was tough on him too because he usually does the last feeding duty and rocks her for a bit.

Thankfully, all the corn is in the ground and we only have about 100 acres of beans left and this whole single parent thing can stop for awhile. Having to do this on my own has made me appreciate just how much Matt does do to help me. I'd say I'm pretty darn blessed!

Speaking of being blessed, Mothers day was nice. I will say, whoever decided mothers day should be in May was obviously not married to a farmer. We went to dinner Saturday night with Matt's parents and had dinner Sunday night with mine. Since Matt was farming he we just did breakfast (by that I mean he went and got McDonald's) and then went to fields. Reagan and I went to church and to CVS (because they had formula on sale!) and back home to do laundry and that spring cleaning I talked about. Exciting right, but it doesn't matter.  I hope you all had an amazing mothers day whether you celebrated with your mom, or you got to celebrate holding your babies or those of you still waiting to hold your baby. My thoughts were with you all.

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