Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Why You Won't Find a Full Length Mirror in My House

A few months ago I decided to add my blog to the PAIL blogroll. It was someplace to find some new blogs and maybe, just maybe get some new readers. Well, their monthly theme for May is body image.

Whew, talk about a subject that we all have opinion on and as sad as it sounds I'm sure I would be hard pressed to find a single female who wouldn't want to change something about her body. To me that is sad, so so sad. Yet, I am so guilty of it. There are days I think well, if I didn't have that back fat this shirt would look better, if I didn't have the belly these pants would look better, my ears are too big, my forehead to big (I honestly could keep going). I have always been overweight even though I would kill to have my HS body back because I thought I was fat then! I've always had poor body image but I know I need to change that, especially if I don't want Reagan to grow up this way.
Kudos to pin.terest

During my pregnancy I really didn't care about body image. I was carrying another person so who cares what I look like, was my attitude. After having Reagan I've slipped back into the I hate my body state of mind. Actually, I think it is worse, way worse.  Our diets have gotten worse because the day goes by so fast. I know that is a big excuse but it is true. The minute I get home from work I just want to hang out with Reagan not think about making supper! The weekends are so crammed full of places to go and cleaning to catch up on I don't think to make meals ahead for the week. I know it has to change, it NEEDS to change! I've decided to spend a little money on myself and do the advocare 24 day challenge. I will be doing a whole post on it so stay tuned! This is a way for me to focus on me that way Reagan will have a healthy and happy momma! Reagan, Zoe and I have started taking walks at night. Reagan loves walks, Zoe loves walks and it is a way for me to spend time with each and get a tired dog in the process. My goal is to get at least 3 times a week, small steps right!?

So it has been hard, it still is hard for me to find time to focus on me, my body image and how I am going to improve it but with the 24 day challenge I have a starting point.


  1. I'm excited to hear about advocare. Lots of people have been posting about it. Of course I wish you nothing but luck, but you are so beautiful NOW! The day my mom had her craft open house, my friend keep saying how pretty you were. And she's right!

    1. Laura - if you want to learn more about Advocare let me know! I have known Megan my whole life (we grew up 2 minutes away from each other!), and I have been using Advocare products for almost a year now, and have had amazing results - lots more energy, lost weight and inches after having twins, and just feel so much better about myself! If you're at all interested you can email me at We can always talk on the phone as well, so let me know!

  2. Hey Megan! So glad you decided to put a little focus back on yourself. Sometimes as new mommas I think it can be especially hard to have an extra second in the day, much less think you deserve anything for yourself. do! You have to be good to yourself in order to be able to love and enjoy everyone around you! And the whole body image thing is a constant struggle for a lot of us throughout life. After having a c-section (and stretching for 2 babies) I have realized I will never have a normal looking stomach again and I'm ok with that because I have my little guys which I wouldn't give up for the world! So, just focus on how you feel as you go through the 24 DC, I think the amount of energy I have gained is amazing, and really just having more self-confidence - that I decided to put my mind to something and actually succeed at it! So, there may be bumps along the way, but stay motivated and focus on yourself! I'm here for you!

  3. Good luck! I can relate to the dinner struggle and I am not even back to work yet!

  4. Isn't it crazy how many of us were unhappy with our bodies in high school and would kill for those bodies now? If only we could someone teach the current high schoolers that lesson...

  5. OH hell yes I want my high school body back...I'd even settle for the one I had in college after the freshman 15. I struggled with my body image my entire life. I've almost always turned to food to fill holes, and bad things always seemed to happen around holidays like Halloween and Christmas when crap food was always readily available.

    Having a daughter makes me want to focus on a healthy body image more than ever. She's just 17 months, but still I want her to get out and have fun. Make moving an important part of her life, but a really fun part. Now with a second baby on the way, I've got to make my health a priority.

    I think it's great you've taken time to focus on you. And setting goals like the 24 day challenge and your evening walks are great ways to keep it going. Now that it's finally nice out, we too have been taking more and more walks. What was one maybe 2 walks a day is now easily 3-4. One mile at a time, but still that's a good 15 min of exercise and dog tiring 4 times a day :)

    I'm looking forward to your 24dc post! Good LUCK!

    PS I kind of love your daughter's name, but I'm slightly partial to it :)

  6. Passing on a crappy body image was the ONE major way my mom screwed up and I am determined not to do the same to my daughter. It is hard and taking the time for yourself is also hard but that is another important lesson to share with your daughter. Good luck!

  7. I think that involving our children in our fitness will benefit them as adults. If they see it as normal to get up and excercise or go for a walk in the afternoon, they will be more apt to do it as adults.

  8. This is a great topic! It's so hard for girls/women, when they see nothing but "perfect" body images out there. I always struggled with self esteem issues. I too wish I realized how good I looked years ago when I thought I was "fat" or not good enough in other ways. I wish more people recognized how beautiful all body types can be! And what matters most is what's inside, even if that's kind of corny, it's true. :-) You're a beautiful person, and I'm sure your daughter will be, too.