Friday, January 13, 2012


I hear that song in my head by George Jones about having choices in my life.  Then I think about the choices I've made in my life, every day.  Everyday I make the choice whether to wake up early and work out or to put it off till I get home from work.  When I choose to hit the snooze I'm choosing to take time out of my evening to spend an hour plus working out knowing that there are other things that need to be done.  Now I will say on the days to do Zumba it is just better if I wait till the evening to do it because my brain just isn't quite functioning that early.  Anyways back to the choices that I've made.  Last night I made the choice to workout instead of sitting on the couch and being a bum.  I made that choice because I knew that it was the best choice for me.  An hour an thirty-nine minutes and 616 calories later I was tired but so glad I made that choice.  When it comes to food choices I get the same satisfaction from making good choices compared to bad ones.  Now I'm not perfect and I do make bad choices but one thing that has changed since I have decided to make better choices is that when I do make a bad choice I acknowledge it and move on.  There is no point in dwelling on the bad choice and in all actuality it probably wasn't the worse choice in the entire world.  No matter what path I take, I'm always going to have choices and when it comes to managing my weight I know that eventually the choices will be easier.  I won't be as tempted by the bad choices and I'm hoping that this lifestyle will no longer be a choice just a fact of life.

On the PCOS side, the more I read about this disease the more frustrated I become.  Whether its because of the mood swings, the irregular periods, the insulin resistance, how it is harder to lose weight, etc etc.  However, I have another choice (recognizing a pattern with this post), I can let this disease define me or I can accept it, figure out how to handle the symptoms, and to make this work.  I'm CD12, nothing exciting, nothing new just kind of boring.  Still holding hope that this level of Chlomid will make me O and we can go on from there.

Well now I'm off to work out because I chose to hit the snooze this morning! 

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  1. The amount of choices you have to make on a daily basis is staggering, isn't it?! Way to make some good ones!