Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I am and have always been a firm believer that everything happens for a reason and that everything happens in His timing.  There are two major events in my life that I often cite when I talk about things happening for a reason, Matt and I getting back together and my job.  When it comes to Matt and I, we had dated when I was in high school up until I went away to college.  I thoroughly enjoyed my time in college, dated and had a LOT of fun, (obviously because I put most of my weight on my senior year). Low and behold though, on a fateful day I went and had lunch at Burger King and Matt was there.  We started talking again and eventually dating again.  From there it just made sense, he made me happy, supported me and loved me and we got engaged and married 2 years later.  The other major event in my life is my awesome job.  I graduated from THE Ohio State University with dreams of walking into a job and quickly rising to the top, unfortunately, this was not how the world worked. I started at a job, and it was just that a job.  I quickly learned that what I was doing was not something I wanted to do the rest of my life, at the time though it paid the bills and with the economy it was better than nothing.  One day in March I was summoned to the office and told that I was being permanently laid off.  Woh, this was not in my plans, I was getting married that year, had plans of going back to school, and Matt and I starting our lives together.  I didn't need to be laid off and have that extra burden.  Somehow, this layoff was a blessing in disguise because I got to help with things with the wedding that would have been more difficult had I been working. Fast forward to after the wedding and I had been applying for jobs till I was blue in the face.  I got a lead on a job due to Facebook and got the call for an interview just hours after I sent off my resume.  After 2 interviews, I was offered the job and have not looked back since.  I realize that was long winded and I applaud you if read it all. Matt says I tend to ramble and I guess it is true.  Regardless, these events happened for a reason, not too soon and not too late.  So when the time is right I do believe in my heart that Matt and I will become parents.  I'm thinking that I'm not supposed to have a harvest baby and that is why clomid hasn't worked for the past cycles. 

Speaking of clomid, the third round was a failure.  I think I was mentally preparing myself for the phone call from the nurse and the next step.  We set up an appointment with the doctor for next Wednesday and Matt will be going with me which will be nice.  The nurse said that she believes the doctor will recommend that we see a specialist.  Somehow, I had a gut feeling that it would eventually come to this. So now, we wait and see what our options are.  Nothing will be covered by insurance, yay, (that is dripping with sarcasm). One thing I do know is that Matt and I will become parents it just may not be when we think it should happen.

When it comes to weightloss I have been doing good nothing has changed since my last weigh in but still sitting good to hit my goal of 7lbs by the end of the month.  Another blog I follow listed her goals and the rewards after hitting each goal.  That is on my to do list this week, make a list of goals and rewards and post them on here to once again make me accountable. 


  1. Nice idea with the goals and rewards! Has your husband had his full work up yet? We waited a long time to do that and even though we were busy focusing on me, it was nice to rule out that he had any issues. Believe me, I TOTALLY get the out of pocket thing, which is why almost 6 years later, we have not seen a reproductive endocrinologist. I've worked hard to find other options (that we can afford). Just don't let a Dr. lead you to believe that you only have a couple options. There's lots of info out there that I wish someone would have told me about before I found them out by being my own advocate.

  2. Laura- Matt has not had his full work up yet because since I wasn't ovulating it didn't really matter. It will be done to, like you said, rule it out. Your blog has been a great source of knowledge and I am just interested to hear what the doctor has to say and I will of course update on the outcome.

  3. I also believe in fate and things happening for a reason. Although, sometimes I feel lost in what the reason is. I hope you can find a new path for treatment that is not too expensive. Good luck with that, as well as your weight loss!

  4. Hang in there! I put off seeing a RE for YEARS because I was afraid of the cost. I know that my husband I will be parents too, but I had this timeline in my head that's blown to pieces. It's hard to let go of that even now. Good luck on your weight loss! I really need to get back on that train!